LM1V Limiter


LM1V is an analogue modelled brickwall limiter, with 8x oversampling, and inter-sample peak detection. It is able to achieve high loudness levels with the minimum of distortion. Results are always extremely musical.

Separate attack, release and stereo link controls, allow a wide range of settings, from near clipping to smooth limiting, all without excessive pumping or artefacts. While inter-sample peak detection, catches overs to keep output levels firmly in place. LM1V is equally at home processing individual tracks as it is on the mix bus.


    • Low distortion multi-stage design
    • Inter-sample peak detection
    • Variable attack 0 - 10 ms
    • Variable release 0 - 2 secs
    • Input Gain 0 - 20dB
    • Output ceiling -20 - 0dB
    • Stereo unlink
    • 8x oversampled
    • 64bit internal processing
    • Formats: 64bit VST, VST3, AU and AAX
    • Version: 2.1
    • LM1V Manual
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